Everyone loves cottage-style interiors for their character and homely appeal. The key is to create a home that feels lived-in and loved. With the cooler weather coming in, the cottage-style interior is definitely the way to go.

Cosy cottage-style

A cosy cottage is everything. Try a comfortable interior for your cottage to feel welcoming and inviting. Cottages should feel airy and intimate simultaneously, which ties them together with the sense of feeling welcome.

The right furniture and art pieces make a cottage what it is. Choose more traditional sofa styles and opt for antique tables and vintage-looking style pieces. For extra comfort, try cheerful art and wooden floors to give that extra cosiness.

Interior cozy living room with wood finishes

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Enjoy a vintage-style cottage

Vintage is the perfect theme for your cottage design. Incorporating meaningful vintage pieces to accessorise, like books, art, and plates, is critical.

It aims to recreate the look and feel of a specific period, highlighting the nostalgia and uniqueness associated with the times gone by. Antique elements add a rustic feel to your cottage.

Vintage Rustic interior of cottage

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Paint with neutral colours

The colour you choose to paint a space impacts the atmosphere you create, so in a cottage-style home, try making that atmosphere with neutral colour schemes and earthy tones. The type of colour you choose should add character and depth to a space in your cottage. To switch things up, add bold countertone finishes like bold yellows or deep reddish-browns.

Add ambient lighting

Try adding lighting that benefits the style of your cottage. Add lighting that is cosy to the core of your cottage style. You can add charming table lamps to cottage living rooms for the glow.

They are also great for adding extra brightness in rooms without as much natural light. Suitable light sources benefit your cottage-style interiors.


It can be easy to achieve your cottage-style interior. Just mix the critical elements needed to create the cosiness and charm of a cottage.


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