A greenhouse allows you to have a controlled environment for your plants to grow. This makes greenhouses useful, especially in winter gardening. Where you want to both protect your plants and help them be more productive.

Plants in a container grow well in a greenhouse and since they are shielded from the elements of rain, watering is entirely up to the plant owner. In winter, it’s the perfect time to work on your greenhouse.

The science behind greenhouses


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Your greenhouse should ideally be in a place which gets sufficient sunshine. This is to expose your plants to the sun. Greenhouses are made of transparent material which can trap the sun’s energy for your plants to use when making food. A greenhouse also protects your plants from the harsh winter elements.

Cleaning your greenhouse

Winter is a good time to wash your greenhouse walls. You’re doing this because you want to let as much light in as possible so your plants can stay productive throughout winter. Washing your greenhouse walls is a winter gardening hack that enable you to control how much sun your plants will be receiving in the winter months.

Benefits of greenhouses in winter

Winter is also a good time to propagate new plants. For this, you will be needing more containers. So ensure you’ve invested in enough containers. These can be easily stored in your greenhouse for future use. It’s always useful to have extra containers in preparation for the planting season.

How to start your own greenhouse

Depending on the amount of space you have, starting a greenhouse can be as simple as planning around your chosen area. You will need to choose a spot outdoors to place your greenhouse. Your greenhouse can be built or bought depending on your needs. Building a greenhouse takes proper planning and is not as easy to achieve. 

There are greenhouses made from plastic which are not as durable as glass. If you are building your own, you would want to use glass.

However, plastic greenhouses are also a good alternative. They will serve the same purpose as ones made of glass.

Again, this depends on your needs and the elements of space. You can also discover mesh-covered greenhouses you can purchase. Such as this Walk-in Greenhouse available from Game.

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Featured image: Pexels