Child-friendly garden tools are available at your nearest online store. So why not get the kids excited about future gardening projects just in time for the new season?

Tools for success

So you’ve been wondering if getting your little one into the garden may be a good idea. Well, of course, it is.

You do not even have to worry about what tools to give them to start digging their very own trenches and planting seeds.

You can always have a look at kiddie gardening tools which will be safe for them to use in the garden. They’re not quite avid gardeners just yet, so get them excited to test out their tools on your next garden project. 

These garden tools are available at an online store near you. Check out these child-friendly gardening tools for your little one to join in on the garden fun.


kids' garden tool set

Takealot Kids Garden Set Tools R550


Gardening is an immersive experience for anyone involved in it. Why not provide your kids with the tools to grow their green thumbs?

This gardening set is child-friendly complete with kiddie-sized gloves, an apron, a shovel and a fork for more fun in the dirt. Teaching your kids the way of the land and encouraging them to grow their own plants and greens has never been simpler.


child-friendly garden tools set

Makro Complete Garden Tool Set For Kids R849

This playful set includes a rake and shovel set with a wheelbarrow and a toy lawn mower. Made to make playing in the garden a fun experience for the little ones.

Toy Kingdom

Child-friendly garden tools

Toy Kingdom Garden Tool Set R549

This real-life child-friendly gardening set is perfect for little ones curious about growing their own plants in the garden. It includes a watering can and child-size tools for more fun out in the garden.

Although plenty of fun, this set should still be used under adult supervision. Help guide your little one’s gardening experience with these bamboo labels for when they’ve planted their own greens.

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Featured image: Pexels