So, if you want to get your kids more involved in the garden, why not start a themed garden to enhance their gardening experience? You could dedicate a portion of the garden for them to develop and tend to the themed garden.

A themed garden makes for the perfect garden escape for your kids as they get to feel a sense of reward from a theme-focused garden.

Themed garden for kids

Time to get creative with the kids in the garden. Let your little one’s imagination run wild with a section for them to create a themed garden. Get them excited about their little garden by giving them the chance to explore. With so many themes to choose from, we’ve chosen these top picks for you to be inspired. 

Butterfly Garden 

butterfly themed garden

Image credit: Pexels

Maybe you haven’t seen a butterfly in a while but your child is obsessed with them. Plant colourful flowers in their section that will attract and invite butterflies to the garden.

In addition, allow your kids to install butterfly ornaments or paint butterflies against an accent wall in your garden. 

Veggie Garden

veggie themed garden

Image credit: Pexels

Teach your kids the art of growing their own food with a veggie-themed garden. The key is letting them grow what they love to eat so nothing ever goes to waste. A veggie-themed garden is a great way to teach kids the art of sustainable living.

They get to experience what it’s like to yield the fruits of their labour in a fun way. They may be more interested in joining you in the garden if there’s a reward waiting for all their toil. 


Plan the perfect veggie garden no matter the size of your garden

Flower Garden

flower themed garden

Image credit: Pexels

A garden full of colourful blooms is just the thing to keep your kids engaged and learning about different flower species. Gardening is in and of itself a highly immersive experience.

Let your kids grow the flowers they love and keep them invested in tending to these beauties. This garden can serve as the perfect place for them to explore their creativity and develop their green fingers. 

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Featured imaged: Pexels