Although succulents are known for being incredibly low maintenance, they still need proper growing conditions to thrive.

Succulents will show signs that it needs to be taken care of. These signs include overwatering, underwatering, pests and sometimes burns. There are a few ways you can do to revive your succulent plants.

How to revive an overwatered succulent

Overwatering is one of the more common causes of dying succulent plants. A sign that your succulent has been overwatered is that the leaves turn a brown or grey colour and you might find leaves may also start falling off.

To revive them is simple: start by gently assessing the roots. If the majority of the roots look white and healthy, then the revival process may be as simple as waiting to water until it needs it.

Place your succulent in an area with a lot of bright light to help it recover. The more light it gets, the more energy it will have to revive.

How to revive succulents if they are underwatered

A common mistake people make is to think that succulents are okay with not being watered regularly because they are low maintenance. This mistake may be costly if not fixed in time. Succulents that haven’t been given enough water will have leaves or stems that look dull and dry.

If the soil is completely dried out, slowly add water to help it absorb it. A succulent needs to be watered at least once every week so that the soil will have some moisture to it.

Underwatered Succulent Plant

Image Credit: Pexels

How to fix succulent insect infestation

Getting rid of pests on plants requires persistence. You need to be careful when dealing with infestations on your succulent.

Isolate the infested succulent from any other succulent plants to prevent the pests from spreading. You might need to isolate the plant for a couple of weeks.

Another way you can treat your plan is by using the correct insecticidal treatment for the type of pests you are dealing with. You will need to repeat the treatments a couple of times over the following weeks to ensure the plant is getting healthy.

One round of treatment usually isn’t enough to eradicate most plant pests.

Pest infested succulent

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How to revive succulents from leaf burn

Sometimes succulent plants will require more sunlight while some might require moderate sunlight. If your succulent is suffering from leaf burn, you’ll see bleached or discoloured patches on the leaves. This is a sign that your plant is placed in the wrong place.

The leaves won’t heal, so you can snip them off. To prevent this issue and avoid future leaf burn, move your plant to a part of the house where it will still get an ample amount of light but not in direct sunlight.


Succulents need the right amount of water to thrive. So next time when you water them, try to maintain the amount of water you use on your succulents.


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Feature image: Pexels