These beauties are not only great to have in your garden or kitchen, but they are also good for the health of your skin.

These skin-loving plants deserve a designated spot in your garden and home.

Let’s take a look at which ones of these plants are designed by nature to solve skin-related issues. 

Skin-loving plants to have in your garden


skin-loving plants

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If you love the feeling of receiving a fresh bouquet of roses, then you will love how rose extract nourishes the skin. Did you know about the added health benefits of planting rose bushes in your garden?

Rose extract is used in many beauty products for its skin moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. Those suffering from dry skin and acne can benefit from using rose extract to treat skin conditions.


  1. Clean and dry rose petals to prepare for infusion.
  2. Bruise rose petals and place in a glass jar.
  3. Add glycerine into the jar until covers the crushed petals.
  4. Place the jar in boiled water or warm area for 24 hours.


skin-loving plants

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These flowers are beautiful to witness in your garden and the effects of its oils will be just as visible on your face. Calendula oil comes from the marigold flower and is used to treat dry and itchy skin.

To take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties, infuse it with lotions to improve the skin’s health and moisture. The oils are antiseptic and also said to help with skin-related issues such as acne sores.


  1. Place dried petals in a jar and fill halfway.
  2. Pour  olive oil over the petals until it covers the petals.
  3. Allow the oil to stand in the sealed jar for 4-6 weeks.
  4. Be sure to check oil daily and shake jar to ensure the product is infused properly.

Bay leaf

Skin-loving plants

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This leaf has amazing health properties and can be used to treat ageing skin as well as reduce inflammation. The best way to extract the benefits of skin-loving bay leaf is by drying and grinding into powder and adding it to your topical lotions.

Bay leaves are good as a topical remedy, but they can also soothe tummy issues when used in recipes.


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Coriander is a herb best enjoyed as an addition to hearty stews and often used as a garnish. However, you can also discover its skin-clearing effects when used as an antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment for acne-prone skin.

When ingested, coriander is said to reduce cholesterol and provide relief for digestive issues. Additionally, for best results on the skin, you can grind the coriander seeds and apply them with a cosmetic face mask.

Aloe vera

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The ancient Egyptians referred to aloe vera as the “plant of immortality”. In fact, aloe is a tried and tested remedy for anti-ageing and other skin-related problems. Used to relieve sunburn, aloe has the chemical properties Gibberellins and Auxin, which help skin and promote cell regeneration.

Furthermore, aloe sap can be diluted with water to provide relief from digestive problems. The aloe gel can be applied topically to the skin in cases of skin irritation and treating inflammation. 

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