If you’ve tried gardening before and got discouraged simply because you made a few mistakes, let’s dust yourself off and try again. 

Epic Gardening (on YouTube) highlights the most common gardening mistakes to save you the trouble of learning from harsh experiences.


Here are some of the common mistakes people make when they start gardening.

Unfavourable location

You want your garden to be convenient and accessible to you – that is rule number one. Make sure your garden is easy for you to work in. If you know you have trouble bending over, consider higher raised beds. This makes gardening a more pleasant experience for you. Raised beds make the garden more accessible and easier to tend.

Not enough sun in the garden

This is an easy mistake to make, but just as avoidable. Before starting your garden, you will have to ensure it will receive sufficient light. To get this right, observe where shadows fall in your yard. This will show you exactly where and when the sun shines in your garden. Once this is achieved, you are good to go.

Water matters

There is nothing more annoying than realising you need to haul water from too far away from a source. You may not have the budget to set up proper irrigation just yet, so to avoid the hassle, ensure your hose is easily accessible and can reach the full extent of your garden.

Insufficient mulch

Mulching is an essential gardening hack that will help you save water. You can purchase mulch from a green store, but a more budget-friendly and sustainable alternative is using fallen leaves and grass clippings. Mulch protects the surface of the soil and increases water retention in your plants.

Inadequate soil prep

You should be well aware of what type of soil you are working with. This is to ensure that your soil is able to help you produce the plants you want in your garden. Your local green store or nursery should be able to help you perform a soil test to find out what your soil needs to be fertile and conducive to your planting.

Planting foods you don’t like to eat

Avoid planting foods that are not likely to end up on your table. Grow food that you will definitely use. When planting, consider which foods your family enjoys eating, avoiding any kind of wastage. Although, you can grow foods which you are experimenting with. If you decide you do not like them, consider selling or donating to someone who will love them. 

Planting during the wrong season

This is a recipe for disaster, unfortunately. Find out – before planting – which plants you should plant during each season. You do not want to grow plants in the wrong season and be discouraged by a disappointing yield at the end of all your effort. The best way to do this is to lean on the knowledge of experienced gardeners who will always want to talk about tools and tricks to avoid these gardening mistakes. 

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Featured image: Pexels