When we think of a greenhouse we typically make reference to a large space designed for hundreds and hundreds of plants.

What if we told you that you can have a greenhouse even in a smaller space, with no large backyard? You can start your very own greenhouse no matter the space you have outside.

All you need is a sunny spot to fit your small-sized greenhouse.

A greenhouse is essential for planting indoors in a controlled environment. There is no reason not to achieve this with as little space as possible. You just need to be clear on your use of the tiny space you have. It’s all about the use of the space, essentially. This requires a certain amount of planning.


Planning around the space

You will need your greenhouse to be operational all year long. This means you will have to place space utility across the seasons. List all the greenhouse uses over the different seasons, for example. In winter your greenhouse may be predominantly used for storage of your seeds. 

In spring, you might think it’s a good idea to plant hundreds of seeds. However, you may soon discover that your seeds are growing very fast and occupying a little too much space in your greenhouse. 

Pro tip: plan your plant schedule carefully, in accordance with the space you have available.

Set it up to have different working zones

Set up an easily accessible working area for sowing and potting plants. You will need an area which is the perfect height to work in. Ensure that your staging is at a good height for your specific height needs. 

You should also use shelves that are able to sustain the growth of your plants. You do not want to find that your shelves are too close together causing some plants to not grow to height because shelving is getting in the way. 

Make use of vertical space

Use hooks to hang up any garden tools and some hanging plants in your greenhouse. Hooks are a great hack for small spaces, allowing you to make adequate use of your vertical space. Go ahead and get started on making the most of your tiny greenhouse.

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Featured image: Unsplash