Make your garden flow with an added water feature. It might seem like a mammoth task to bring in this element to your garden, but it’s well worth it when you see the sky creatures occasionally dipping in your backyard birdbath. 

There are different variations of water features you could think to add to your garden. Water is the lifeblood of any garden and adding this element is a splurge you want to make.

A fountain is the most traditional form of water feature to include in your garden. Though new technology has made this a bit of a fancy buy. There are far more cost-effective ways to install this garden feature, such as building your own and taking on a fun DIY project.

However, if you are looking for an easy solution, purchasing one of these water features may be what’s on your next garden wish list.


This spherical water feature is a lekker addition to your garden. It is a garden feature that’s compact, yet it makes a fine statement with its unique shape and stone design. 

water feature

Builders Extra Small Sphere Water Feature – Grey R518


You can now add a wall-mounted water feature to bring a burst of life into your garden. This bronze-coloured water feature makes for the perfect addition to your garden’s accent wall.

wall water feature

Makro Lightweight Wall Mounted Water Feature R2 139


For a sustainable water feature, this solar-powered fountain is just the thing to add some flow to your backyard. Invite our winged friends over for a drink and a dip in the coming months of spring.

solar powered water feature

Takealot Solar Water Fountain R261


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Featured image: Unsplash