It’s not a secret that kids love the mud. They love jumping in it, squishing their hands in it. To put it in simpler words, they love getting dirty. So why not create a safe mud garden just for them?

When thinking of making a mud garden, think of two considerations, space and soil. You can build up a safe mud garden with limited space. Raised garden beds can also be turned into mud gardens – simply fill it with clean soil.

Young brothers plays in the mud with his toy truck

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Here is how to create a mud garden

Research is your best friend when establishing a solid mud garden. Make sure you understand all the safety procedures for your garden. Getting your kids involved in the creation makes things easier, and here is a tip for creating a mud garden – always keep it simple.

  • Choose a good location

Get a good spot in your backyard. Get your mud garden as far from the house as possible so your muddy kids don’t wander from the mud garden into your house. A cleaning spot is essential when they’re done so they don’t enter the house in muddy clothes and shoes.

  • Ensure access to water

Access to water is important to make those fake yummy mud pies and to clean your kids off after play too. Clean water is the key ingredient to their muddy time. A good garden hose that is far from the main house is vital to have.

  • Provide clean soil

Have clean soil without debris. Kids love doing whatever they want in their mud gardens. It is good to allow them to pick what they want to match the soil with. Allow them to add fallen leaves, cardboard and little twigs to mix with. They should be able to dig the soil but monitor them when it comes to this part.

  • Make sure it is big enough

It should be big enough for having multiple children, friends or cousins joining them. A mud garden that’s popular with kids can help to eliminate the mini fights for space and sharing as the mud garden will accommodate kids comfortably.

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Creating a healthy fun space for your kids is everything—a spot where they can be kids without worrying about getting dirty. Mud gardens are designed just for that.


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