Spring is on our doorstep and we cannot wait! Lobularia maritima, commonly known as Sweet Alyssum, is one of the best options to consider for early spring colour.


It’s incredibly low maintenance, doesn’t require much water, and produces masses of adorable flowers to welcome the season. Available in a range of colours, from classic white to bright pink and more, you’re bound to find something to suit your garden design.


These compact annuals have a wide range of uses in the garden. They are great in containers or hanging baskets, cascading down the sides and filling small spaces with ease. When planted en masse, Sweet Alyssum forms a stunning carpet of colour, working well as a ground cover or living mulch for larger shrubs or trees. They can also be planted between pavers to brighten up the area.


But versatility isn’t the only benefit of these favourites. The name Sweet Alyssum is partly given for the fragrance of the flowers, reminiscent of honey. The more you plant, the stronger this scent will be.


Plant your Alyssum in an area with full sun, or at least six hours of light a day. In warmer areas, they may benefit from some afternoon shade to protect the delicate blooms. Tolerant of many soil conditions, all they really require is good drainage. Allow the soil to dry out between watering and water more often in hanging baskets to prevent stress. They may attract aphids when planted in less-than-ideal conditions, but are generally problem-free annuals that won’t give you any trouble.


Words: Madison Mouton

Image: Nikolett Emmert for Pexels