These vintage favourites may be traditional, but they certainly haven’t gone out of style!

These timeless beauties are always a good idea to bring a pop of colour or a touch of nature to your space. In this article, we explore 5 vintage favourites that every gardener loves.



Hark back to the Victorian era by adding lush palms to your patio or balcony garden. Areca palms are the most recognisable, adding a resort-like feel to your space. But there are many species to choose from, whether you’re growing indoors or out. Pair them with a black and white chequered floor and you can instantly imagine yourself in a Victorian parlour.

Fuchsia spp.


For a vintage container essential, look no further than fuchsias.

These plants have retained their popularity for many years, particularly among South Africans. The bright and intricate flowers stand out in patio or balcony gardens, adding exotic flair to vintage spaces. These flowers are available in a wide range of colours to suit any garden or patio palette.

Hydrangea spp.


Summer is synonymous with the humble hydrangea, especially in vintage gardens. A foundation of traditional English cottage garden design, they are one of the most beloved flowers around the world. Hydrangeas have the biggest impact when planted en masse, often used as hedging plants that reveal subtle and delicate colour when summer arrives.

Anchurium andracanum

To bring a vintage element to your indoor garden, Anthurium andraeanum should be your first choice. These plants were houseplant staples decades ago and are making a comeback in a big way. Their colourful spathes add a pop of colour to your garden, with traditional red the go-to for vintage spaces.


Brunfelsia pauciflora


Another hedge candidate found in every grandparent’s garden is the classic yesterday, today and tomorrow. In early spring and again in late summer, the bushes are dotted with purple flowers that fade to white and release an intoxicating scent. They are structural but delicate and look right at home in any Vintage-inspired garden.


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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home February 2024 print edition. 

Feature image: Pexels