For a lush, fenced yard, growing trees is the way to go. It can have long-term benefits for your garden. Here are a few fast-growing trees to landscape and shield your property.

Fastest-growing trees for your yard

Growing trees can offer shade and privacy. With proper placement and care, they can transform your home and yard in a short time.

Dawn redwood tree

A good fast-growing tree for privacy is the redwood. This tree can reach a height of 15 to 24 meters within two years. It thrives in moist soil and direct sunlight.

It may appear to be an ordinary evergreen tree with soft, delicate branches during the growing season. However, the tree’s leaves turn reddish-brown before falling off in the autumn, revealing the tree’s intriguing branching pattern.

The fresh green leaves of the Dawn redwood tree

Image Credit: Unsplash

Italian cypress tree

The gracefulness, and elegance of these evergreen trees are what make them a popular choice for gardens. It has dense green leaves that hold shape without pruning. They are also tolerant of ocean breezes, making them a top pick for seaside gardens. Elevate the beauty of your garden by growing the cypress tree.

Italian scenery garden with cypress trees

Image Credit: Unsplash

Gum tree

Also known as the eucalyptus tree. They are strong, vigorous growers making them good fast-growing trees for privacy and shade. The gum tree can grow to 3 or 4 inches per year. Like many plants, they come in different variations. Most grow to 25 meters tall. Plant them in a spot with full sun in well-drained soil for their optimum growth.

Scenery of gum trees overlooking the river

Image Credit: Unsplash

Japanese zelkova tree

With the tree vase-shaped upward branches, this tree is problem-free and hardly encounters diseases. It provides a shady spot with its dense ovate green leaves which evolve into a colour show of purplish or reddish leaves in autumn. The tree is easily noticeable because of its upright branching curve. Plant your tree during springtime and watch it grow gracefully year after year.

Japanese zelkova tree in a green summer park

Image Credit: Unsplash

Weeping willow tree

The weeping willow is a stunning sight all year round. Not only is it fast-growing but majestic with its gracefully drooping branches that reach the ground.

It is the perfect tree to transform your garden’s landscape. The weeping willow tree can be a monumental addition to your garden, serving as a conversation starter for anyone visiting. It is one of the best fast-growing shade trees around.

Weeping willow tree over looking a garden river

Image Credit: Unsplash

When your trees are healthy, they’ll grow faster. Your newly planted tree will need regular watering during their first year to keep them growing well.


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