June is a busy time in the garden. Sort your garden and prepare it for the new spring growing season. So, before you reach for the pruning shears here are a few plants to prune this June winter season.


The viburnum plants produce attractive summer berries. Pruning is the best option to make sure your viburnum produces the best berries. A light pruning this winter is the right time. You can remove weak or dead branches by cutting back to a larger stem.

This allows you to remove any dead or diseased stems. Depending on how mature your viburnum plant is, you can do some heavy pruning and shaping. When pruned properly, your plant will bloom with white-pinkish flowers in spring.

Gardening: Pruning Viburnum in time for spring

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Cape honeysuckle

These attractive ornamental garden plants can be pruned for healthier blooms in late spring. To keep your honeysuckle shrub in check, good pruning should be promoted to allow new growth and flowers.

If heavy pruning is necessary, it should be done as the plants will still re-sprout. After the pruning session, apply a dose of slow-release fertilizer to encourage lush, green leaves and an abundance of flowers to bloom.

Working with cutting shears to prune honey Cape honeysuckles

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Butterfly bush

Known for attracting colourful winged visitors, the butterfly bush is a cherished addition to any garden. Proper pruning is crucial for new growth.

Pruning your butterfly bushes regularly around winter can help your plants avoid becoming sparse, and having diminished flowering during the blooming season. Since butterfly bushes bloom on new wood stems, the bigger the bud you’re cutting back to, the more vigorous growth you can expect.

Pruning a Butterfly bush with pruning shears

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The art of pruning is a vital task that ensures your roses stay healthy. Roses need to be pruned regularly and many can be pruned in winter. Pruning in winter allows early bloom in the spring season.

Pruning your roses in winter encourages beautiful blooms and maintains their youthful vibrancy, as the plants are in dormancy during this season.

Girl pruning rose bushes with pruning shears in late winter

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To prune is an essential garden need. It keeps your flowering plants healthy for the next blooming season.


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