Spiders. They’re unwelcome guests in almost all homes. Especially when they seem to appear out of nowhere. Luckily, we can stop them from squatting in the dark corners of our home with a few houseplants and herbs.

Here is your perfect excuse to grow your houseplant collection or start an indoor herb garden!


Basil’s strong scent is a major deterrent to spiders, as well as other creepy crawlies like flies and mosquitoes. Plant a pot (or two!) near entry points like doors and windows, and let the fresh fragrance do its work.


Don’t be fooled by their sunshiny good looks, marigolds pack a punch when it comes to repelling spiders. These vibrant flowers release a strong scent thanks to terpenes, a natural insect deterrent. Plus, they’re easy to grow indoors or out, adding a pop of colour to your decor.



While we love the fresh smell of mint, spiders despise it, particularly peppermint. For an added spider-repelling punch, steep a few mint leaves in a spray bottle with water. Now you’ve got a natural spider repellent that you can use in spots where your plants might do so well.


Lavender isn’t just for relaxation; it can also lull spider invasions to sleep…well, not literally, but they’ll avoid the area. Lavender’s floral fragrance is a spider no-no, so place a potted plant in strategic locations or tuck sachets filled with dried lavender around your home.



Rosemary isn’t just for remembrance – it’s also a natural spider foe. The pungent aroma of this herb sends shivers down spider senses, keeping them at bay. Grow a rosemary bush in a pot or scatter dried sprigs around potential spider hangouts.

Venus Flytrap

Okay, so this isn’t your typical houseplant, but it is undeniably effective! The Venus Flytrap is an exotic carnivorous plant that traps and devours insects, including spiders. Just be aware of its specific care needs before welcoming this unique housemate.

Remember: While these herbs are a great natural way to deter spiders, they may not eliminate them. For heavy infestations, it’s always best to consult with a pest control professional. However, with a little herbal help, you can create a welcoming environment for yourself, minus the unwanted houseguests. So, happy planting, and happy spider-free living!


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Feature image: Unsplash

Article was originally written and published by Jade McGee on Woman&Home.