Watching the little birdies brightens any chilly winter day. Some species of birds migrate during winter, but why not attract the birds that stay behind into your garden? 

Here’s how you can do so.

Birdhouse sheltering birds during winter snow

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Supply a variety of seeds

An endless supply of food will surely attract birds to your gardenVarious species of birds prefer different kinds of seeds. Sunflower seeds or even peanuts will welcome most birds

Be sure to store your seeds in a cool dry place and protect it from rodents. Since winter is a battle for survival for birds, feed them high-fat foods that will boost them to survive.

Provide fresh water

In some places, water freezes over due to the drop in temperatures. Make your garden is a haven with a fresh water supply. Water is an attractive offering that will keep birds coming to your garden in the colder months.

Giving birds a dependable place to drink makes your garden a magnet for a variety of birds as they will flock in numbers to get a sip. 

Place birdhouses in your garden

Birdhouses are usually excellent habitats for nesting birds. These birdhouses are great shelters for birds as they keep them warm, away from the extreme winter weather. 

When adding a birdhouse to your garden, think of the popular birds in your garden, think how big they are and if they’ll fit in the birdhouses. With birdhouses, you offer the birds a winter home where the birds can sleep, and conserve energy and heat. 

Your garden should be welcoming

Your garden space should be a haven for these birdies. It is ideal to have a specific corner in your garden to attract different birds while protecting them from the harsh winter weather. A good bird-friendly garden will make it a sanctuary for the birds.

Someone hanging out bird feeders in snowy winter weather.

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Whether you have a big or small garden, you can enjoy a garden full of birds even during extreme weather conditions. If you are a bird lover, use these tips to enhance your chances of bird visits.


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