The days are getting longer and warmer, and blooms like daffodils and tulips are bursting into blossoms. We love to see the colourful array of flowers outside our windows, on our patios and even indoors – but how do we create blooms that are vividly vibrant, big and bold, and thrive for much longer? Keep reading to find out how we care for our flower gardens using Wonder Super Bloom.

When we say Super Bloom, we mean super bloom!

Gardening experts have studied flowers and learned exactly what keeps their leaves glossy, what gives them vivid colour and what helps them bloom big. And so Wonder Super Bloom was created – the perfect slow-release fertiliser for your blooms.

Wonder Super Bloom is one of three new fertilisers in the Wonder Organics Fertiliser range. This specific product focuses on your rose gardens, flower beds or potted flowers, supporting plant health and strengthening roses and flowers from the inside out. The result is super blooms of flowers for you to enjoy!

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The blooming good benefits of Wonder Super Bloom

Fertilising with our newest flower fertiliser is sure to produce bigger, more beautiful blooms and greener, glossier foliage. Wondering why? The answers lie in what it’s made from:

  • The slow-release feed,supplies nutrients over 4 to 6 weeks, combined with added sulphur and zinc complex, establishes the best-ever roses and flowers you’ve ever laid eyes on.
  • The concentrated granules offer a steady stream of nutrients over an extended period of time, with little risk of plant burn.
  • The zinc and sulphur in the fertiliser help build plant immunity to fungi and diseases, such as black spot.
  • The mineral zinc contributes to the production of the plant hormone auxin, which improves the transport of water and nutrients.

These macronutrients promote root and shoot growth for stronger, healthier plants and blooms that blossom in good time.


Flower fertilising: your questions, answered!

In order to bloom and produce all those beautiful flowers for us, plants need a lot of energy. Depending on the species, some flowers are heavier feeders than others. Let’s unpack the specifics on how to care for our flowers to accentuate their natural beauty.

Should I fertilise my blooms while they’re in flower?

Annual plants grow very quickly and need fertilising every two or three weeks during their short season. Wonder Super Bloom will help them stay healthier for longer and will encourage them to blossom.

When is the best time to fertilise my flowers?

Generally speaking, the best time to fertilise landscape plants is around the time they begin to grow actively. The worst time to fertilise plants is at the end of their growing season.

Should I fertilise flowers before or after watering them?

Our top tip is to never fertilise a thirsty plant. Instead, water your plant well first, and then fertilise it the next day.

Are there any flowers that don’t need fertiliser?

Perennials that do best with no supplement fertiliser include asters, dianthus, and all ornamental grasses.

Can I only use this fertiliser in garden flower beds?

This product was created with all types of gardens and gardeners in mind.  Use Wonder Super Bloom on blooms located outdoors, in your large garden, or smaller yard, on your patio, or in your vertical garden.


Inspired for your garden, made for your blooms

How to apply

Wonder Super Bloom 1 kg is designed and developed to be used on all roses and flowers.

  1. The best time to apply this fertiliser is in early spring, just after the pruning season.
  2. Sprinkle the recommended amount of Wonder Super Bloom to your potted roses, potted flowers based on the size of your pot (Use 1 teaspoon = 5 g per small pot of approximately  2.5 kg and 4 teaspoons = 20 g per pot for approximately up to 15 kg) evenly over the top of the soil avoiding the stem. Then use a hand fork to gently loosen up the soil, and mix it in. Water the soil well to activate the granules. For flowers in your garden use 25 – 50 g/m2.
  3. Repeat application every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year. (This is about 9-10 applications a year).

Our gardening advice

From our gardeners to yours, we have a few things to keep in mind when using the wonderful flower fertiliser on your blooms.

  • Apply the right amount of fertiliser – as recommended – to benefit from its slow-release properties.
  • Don’t water a dehydrated plant. Apply fertiliser the day after a thorough watering.
  • We recommend you always wear gloves when gardening.
  • Use as directed to protect children and pets.
  • Store your fertiliser in a cool and dry area.

Glorious springtime gardening

Gardening is a rewarding activity. Watching as flowers blossom, and seedlings grow is part of the absolute fun of spending time outdoors. Loving your plants that little bit extra and feeding them nutrition and nourishment helps them fully thrive before your eyes.

In the mood to get started? Ask the experts any questions that you may have before you begin.

Where to shop Wonder Super Bloom

Find fertilisers, such as Wonder Super Bloom in one of Wonder’s nationwide retailers. Want to stock this flower fertiliser in your shop? Get in touch with a local Wonder distributor or agent representative for your province.

Author: Rea Pieterse


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