You love gardening, but is it taking too much of your time? We understand maintaining gardens can be a lot of work. Choosing low-maintenance plants for your garden can help in eliminating the load.

4 ways to help you make your garden low maintenance with little to no fuss.

     1.  Choose the right stress-free plants for your garden

Plants needing little attention should be your go-to for a low-maintenance garden. The main priority for creating a low-maintenance garden is to save the time you spend on the maintenance of the plants. Evergreens make great stress-free plants as you can rely on them to keep your garden green all year round.

2.   Adding Mulch Substances

Using mulching substances can help in retaining moisture in the soil. Mulch helps in weed suppression, and it is an effective weapon in dealing with invasive weeds. Having mulch added to your garden means you don’t spend hours on weeding, and it keeps your plants nourished.

3. Make Use of Potted Plants

A great way to start low-maintenance gardening is by using potted plants. These can be a great tool for reducing the amount of weeding work that needs to be done within your garden. One thing to remember if you choose potted plants is that big pots are easier to look after than small ones. It is key to remember that the smaller the pot, the quicker it dries out and the more watering it will need.

   4. Using low-maintenance gravel garden design

Try ditching the lawn for a low-maintenance garden. This is an alternative to mulching. Gravel gardens can be easy to create and take care of. They thrive in less water, and they produce little to no weeds. Choosing this type of low-maintenance garden can be cost-effective and can be achieved with ease. Some examples of the type of gravel to choose from may include slate, granite chippings, Cotswold stone and pebbles.



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