Choosing the right method to eliminate spider mites is key for any gardener. It is essential to deal with them early to ensure the survival of your plants. Here are some ways to eradicate spider mites on your plants.

Spider mites on leaves of a plant.

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Understanding what spider mites are

Spider mites are tiny sucking pests that can quickly wreak havoc on indoor and outdoor gardens. These sucking pests are often invisible to the naked eye in the early stages of infestation, making them particularly challenging to spot.

Spider mites reproduce rapidly, making infestations difficult to detect before plants are damaged. They thrive in hot, dry weather.

SpiderMite infestation on vegetable.

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Simple ways to control and get rid of spider mites

Chemical pesticide use encourages the spread of spider mitesSpider mites are known to develop quick resistance to various pesticidesTo be safe, it’s important to control mites with effective natural and organic methods. Methods such as:

Watering your plants properly

It’s important to remember that plants are more susceptible to mite infestations when they are experiencing water stress. Proper watering is key, so make sure not to overwater your plants.

Prune your plants

It is important to prune any infested parts of plants and not hesitate to remove entire plants to prevent the spread of pests. This will reduce the spread of pests.

Use organic horticultural oils

These organic oils can be used to spot-treat heavily infested areas on your plantsHorticultural oils should be applied around late autumn to destroy overwintering eggs of these pests. Make sure to spray all plant parts, including the undersides of your plant leaves.

Spray with water

Use organic bug sprays to wash plants with a strong stream of water to reduce pest numbers. Dust on leaves and branches encourages mites. So it is best to remove dust from leaves as soon as possible to avoid infestations. 


Learning how to get rid of spider mites is essential for your plant care, it is important to inspect your plants for any potential threats. 


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