Adding potted plants to your home is a great way to breathe life into your space. By playing with colours, textures, and heights, you can transform any area into a vibrant, green haven.

Here are eight creative ideas to help you arrange your potted plants beautifully, according to lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart.

8 fun and creative ways to arrange your potted plants

1. Stack your pots

Stacking your pots can save space and add visual interest. Simply carve out space in the soil of a larger pot to insert smaller ones. This method works wonderfully with herbs like mint, thyme, cilantro, and rosemary. The varying heights and textures create a layered, lush look.

2. Embrace Terra Cotta

Terra cotta pots are timeless and versatile. Their warm, earthy hue complements any plant, and their porous nature helps prevent overwatering. Arrange a variety of terra cotta pots of different shapes and sizes to create a cohesive, charming display.

8 creative ways to arrange potted plants


3. Play with colours

Don’t shy away from vibrant colours. You can buy colourful pots or paint terra cotta ones to suit your taste. Planting a mix of colourful flowering plants in these pots will create a cheerful, eye-catching display that brightens any room or garden.

4. Use a tray

Grouping pots on a tray can help organise your plants and create a unified look. Choose a tray that matches your decor and use it to display a collection of small pots, like those with African violets. This method keeps things neat and makes it easy to move your plants if needed.

Using a tray - potted plants (1)



5. Go vertical

Maximise your space by creating a vertical garden. Use a structure to hang or stack pots vertically. This not only saves floor space but also turns your plants into living wall art. Matching pots and a variety of small green plants can create a stunning visual effect.

Vertical arrangement - potted plants


6. Try container boxes

If you have more space, consider using larger container boxes. These can house several plants and create a striking focal point. Brightly colored boxes filled with plants like cacti can add a playful yet stylish touch to your patio or backyard.

7. Use large planters

For a dramatic effect, use oversized planters. These are perfect for filling empty garden corners or large indoor spaces. A few big planters filled with lush plants can make a bold statement and bring a sense of grandeur to your space.

8 creative ways to arrange potted plants


8. Stick to a colour scheme

If you prefer a more cohesive look, choose pots within the same color family. For example, using pots in shades of cream, beige, and blush creates a harmonious and elegant display. Pairing these with plants that have similar green foliage will enhance the unified feel of your arrangement.


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