Given the title of Colour of the Year by the Garden Trends Report, terracotta is bound to be seen everywhere in 2023. Luckily for gardeners, this 60s and 70s throwback hue is easy to apply around the garden, whether in terracotta containers themselves or in the plants you choose.

Although they can be pricey, there are many reasons why terracotta pots are so beloved by gardeners. The materials draws excess moisture away from the soil, preventing waterlogging and keeping the roots cool. It ages incredibly well, with some even attempting to DIY the aged terracotta look on new pots for the full effect. Finally, it is appreciated for its beauty, both in colour and in texture.

Jeroen van der Spek

If you want to give your garden a terracotta injection, start with small containers. These are far easier on the wallet and allow you to dot the colour around the garden or even in your home. Keep in mind that terracotta pots are fragile and shouldn’t be left in places where they can be easily knocked over or damaged.

There is also a long list of plants and flowers you can choose to give you that terracotta feel or to complement the pots throughout the garden. Many cultivars of popular garden favorites like Echinacea, dahlias and roses provide the deep sunset hue we’re all after.

Finally, you can look to furniture and furnishings to complete the look. Cover patios with terracotta rugs, cushions or even table and chair sets. The colour will perfectly completely your garden greenery beyond. Add a couple of containers in the area to complete the look and fully embrace this 2023 colour trend.

Author: Madison Moulton


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