There’s something enchanting about entering a home filled with a signature, seasonal fragrance. While candles offer a cosy aroma, not everyone enjoys the artificial scents they often bring. Enter the simmer pot, a delightful alternative to infuse your living space with natural, seasonal scents. The beauty lies not only in the aromatic result but also in repurposing kitchen scraps to reduce food waste.

The Basics of a Simmer Pot:

Before diving into specific recipes, let’s explore the art of crafting a simmer pot. It’s a customisable experience where experimentation is key. Utilise what you have in your pantry, fridge, or garden, ensuring a delightful blend of scents that suits your preferences.

Classic Simmer Pot Recipe:

Begin your simmer pot journey with a versatile and year-round classic. Start with slices of citrus, add sprigs of rosemary, and finish with a touch of vanilla extract. Adjust quantities based on your pot’s capacity, and enjoy a fragrant symphony that fills your home with warmth.

Simmer pots


Seasonal Simmer Pots

Mint + Citrus Summer Simmer Pot:

Experience the uplifting and therapeutic fragrance of citrus, ginger, and mint with this summer-inspired simmer pot. Ideal for battling congestion or simply creating a refreshing atmosphere, this blend is suitable year-round.

Cinnamon + Apple Autumn Simmer Pot:

Embrace the cosy ambiance of autumn with a potpourri reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie. Combine sliced apples, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, star anise, and vanilla extract for a comforting fragrance that defines the season.

Cranberry + Orange Winter Simmer Pot:

Picture snowy windowsills and crackling fires with this spicy-sweet concoction. Fresh cranberries, sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, rosemary sprigs, and cloves create an inviting aroma perfect for winter days. Consider gifting this delightful mix, packaged with care and instructions.

Lavender + Citrus Spring Simmer Pot:

As spring brings renewal, infuse your home with the fresh scent of lavender and lemon. Rosemary adds an earthy note, while vanilla extract can sweeten the pot if desired. This fragrant blend is perfect for spring cleaning days.

Whether you’re embracing the warmth of autumn, the cosiness of winter, the freshness of spring, or the invigorating vibes of summer, these simmer pots offer a natural and customisable way to fill your living space with the scents of the season.


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