Looking to enhance the flavours of your cooking? Why not consider incorporating edible flowers into your garden? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a delicious and healthy addition to your meals.

Check out some of the best edible flowers that you can grow in your garden.


Marigolds are a popular type of annual flower that comes in a variety of shades, red, orange, gold, and yellow. They have a peppery flavour that can add the perfect amount of seasoning to any dish.

If you decide to grow marigolds in your garden, it’s important to understand their growing habits. These plants prefer full sunlight and typically bloom in late spring or early summer. The flavours of marigolds can be used to enhance the taste of grilled meats, soups, and salads.

Young girl picking marigold flowers in garden

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The flavours of lavender are complex with their edible varieties having a sweet, floral taste with some earthiness and mint to it.



The uses for lavender flowers are nearly endless, these include flavouring cookies and other baked goods and can also be used in syrups or teas. If you decide to grow lavenders in your garden, be sure to expect the flower to bloom around late spring to early autumn.

Young woman with garden gloves holding lavender in pot.

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Known as cucurbita, squash can be a great addition to your garden. These plants can be large, usually with vines and branches stretching out of them. Expect these annual plants to bloom in full summer under bright full sunlight.

They can be used as a garnish or added to salads, soups and other main dishes. When you notice large bright orange or yellow flowers, chances are your plant is ready for harvest.

The leaves of squash with a few yellow leaves.

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The flowers have a fruity, herbal taste, and are more common in desserts and drink recipes. Growing chamomile tea can have some great health benefits for your health. 

Chamomile tea contains antioxidants that may offer health benefits, which can in turn reduce the risks of some diseases. 

Woman hand pick camomile herbal flower blooms

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Nasturtium blossoms make a colourful zesty addition to a wide array of dishes. Grown primarily as an annual flower that blooms in summer to early autumn, this bright orange flower can be the mild peppery flavour you need to complete your dish. The leaves are large, nearly circular and can grow fast with stems growing up to 3-7 feet. 

Nasturtium in the vegetable garden.

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Growing edible flowers in your garden is not only delightful but experimenting with them can bring so much joy and add unique flavours to your cooking.


Winter edible flowers in the garden and kitchen

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