Gardening is an incredibly fulfilling and joyful hobby and for many, their lawn takes centre stage in their garden. For optimum care, you need a lawnmower and trimmer that combines cutting quality with comfort and ease when handling this project.

Introducing the GARDENA range of Lawnmowers and trimmers.

Designed to reduce effort while mowing, they are versatile in accommodating different garden sizes from small to large. Let’s be honest, even keeping a small and medium-sized lawn tidy, can take a lot of effort.

The SILENO range of robotic lawnmowers allows you to maximise your relaxation time, whilst the automated mower goes about quietly mowing the lawn – giving you more time for yourself. ❤️


GARDENA SILENO Robotic Lawnmowers have not only been developed with 20 years of experience, but GARDENA in its entirety is also continuously further developing its range with unique and innovative features. The SILENO range which is divided into two classes, is designed to cater for different garden sizes:

  • The SILENO minimo range – for small gardens up to 500 m²
  • The SILENO life range – for medium to large gardens up to 1500 m²

GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers work in all weather conditions, come rain or sunshine. The robotic lawnmowers adjust their mowing times automatically in accordance with the lawn growth.

The mowers’ integrated advanced software even allows it to detect sub-zero temperatures: this means, that as soon as the temperatures approach freezing outside, the schedule is immediately suspended. This protects the lawn, as mowing blades of grass while they are frozen results in damage. 

The CorridorCut function allows cutting in difficult or narrow passages and the Spot Cutting function is perfect for areas that are mowed less frequently, like under trampolines for example.

Spot Cutting works in a spiral shape cutting individual areas of the lawn where there is higher grass. The SILENO Robotic Lawnmower handles gradients from 25 – 35 per cent, mowing the lawn as carefully as it would on a level surface. All of these functions can be set via the BlueTooth® App from the comfort of your couch.

If you want to take control of the mowing, then the PowerMax range of battery and electric-powered lawnmowers are highly recommended for optimal cutting quality with ease and comfort.


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The PowerMax battery lawnmower uses an 18Volt Lithium-Ion battery which is part of the versatile and interchangeable Power for All Battery System. One battery fits all GARDENA battery-powered products. This is great for the environment because it cuts costs and saves space. It also means that incompatible batteries and chargers are a thing of the past. To learn more about the Power for All Alliance Battery System, click here 👉🏻


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Gardeners who prefer a corded mower to a cordless version will find three PowerMax mowers in the GARDENA Electric Range. Their high-torque gear drive comes courtesy of a powerful 1200W, 1600W or 1800Watt motor. With a cutting width of 32 or 37 centimetres, they are impressive performers when mowing small and medium-sized lawns.


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Whether battery or electric, PowerMax lawnmowers are extremely lightweight with excellent cutting results due to their double-hardened blades and precision grinding. Lawn combs on the sides of the housing ensure that mowing along lawn edges or against walls is not a problem either. This means that these areas can be mowed in a single pass without the need for frequent reworking.

The Cut-and-Collect system also makes the mowers particularly effective. Due to improved air circulation, more grass cuttings get into the collection box. Emptying is less frequent, which in turn means fewer interruptions during mowing. The QuickFit Plus function allows the cutting height to be easily adjusted centrally, at the touch of a button.

Ergonomically shaped handles make mowing the lawn especially comfortable and allow the mower to be used in a natural hand position. They also offer flexible operation as the mower can be operated in different grip positions, even with just one hand. Height-adjustable handles allow the lawnmowers to be optimally adapted to body size.

Even the smallest lawns need to be cut regularly. This is the only way to keep them lusciously green and beautifully thick. The new GARDENA Battery Lawnmower HandyMower Li-18/22 makes it incredibly easy to mow small lawns.


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Lightweight, agile and compact – it is powered by an 18-volt battery and mows around 50 m² of grass in 20 minutes. It is as simple and effortless as vacuuming the living room and what’s more, it is environmentally friendly.

The HandyMower Li-18/22 uses the powerful 18Volt Lithium-Ion battery which is part of the versatile and interchangeable Power for All Battery System. This means that it can be recharged at any time and used for many other garden tools from this system, such as those for cutting, pruning, trimming, collecting leaves and watering.

If the lawn is mowed once a week, less thatch forms and grass weeds do not have a chance to thrive.

During most mowing tasks, you may need an edge trimmer to finish off the edges.  GARDENA offers a range of battery and electric-powered trimmers.  These lightweight trimmers allow comfortable use for extended periods without fatigue. The adjustable head allows tilting of the trimmer which enables easy and effective cutting of those hard-to-reach places.  

The battery-operated trimmer uses the powerful 18Volt Lithium-Ion battery which is part of the versatile and interchangeable Power for All Battery System.


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