Spring is in the air and most of us usually take this time to do our “Spring Cleaning” in and around our homes. This can be done quickly and easily by using the correct tools.

Let us take you through some products that will cut down your cleaning time, giving you more time to spend on yourself.


GARDENA’s Cleansystem – Specially designed Cleansystem is the perfect solution for dealing with all watering cleaning projects Simply combine a Cleansystem handle with the appropriate cleaning attachment, connect to a GARDENA hose and then attach to your water tap.. No need to drag water bucket and spill this valuable resource before cleaning even begins.


1. Motor Vehicles

a. Car washing made easy – Gentle, effective cleaning of vehicles and sensitive surface using the Car Wash Set from GARDENA.

b. The Cleansystem straight and elbow handles allow you to reach high surfaces and the soft brushes allow you wash sensitive surfaces. The handle is designed for water to flow through resulting in super clean surfaces. The Shampoo sticks or shampoo discs can be inserted into the handle and provides chemical for gentle cleaning.

c. The Wash set is ideal for cars, caravans, bicycles, bakkies and boats


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2. Caravans

a. As we start preparing for upcoming school holidays and December vacation, we need to get out the caravan and camping equipment. Correct cleaning is very important to maintain and extend the life of your caravan and camping products.

b. The Cleansystem handle and extension accessories allow you to clean hard to reach surfaces with easy and convenience. The handle have an adjustable water flow regulator allowing you to control the volume of water for your cleaning project.

c. Simply unclick the brush and connect a different attachment to continue cleaning different surface areas.

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3. Boats and Yachts

a. Boat and yacht cleaning is very important to prevent rust and decay of surfaces and components to keep them running efficiently. Decay can be especially serious when vessels are regularly placed in salt water.

b. Regular cleaning helps preserve the boat or yacht and keeps it beautiful and in good condition providing a longer life in the water. Choosing the right equipment is important when performing cleaning tasks.

c. Scum and dirt are ongoing issues, so it is crucial to stock up on the correct cleaning supplies. Choose tools with soft bristles and surfaces whenever possible to prevent damage to the finish of the vessel. While cleaning will be necessary to cut through debris, preserving shiny surfaces for cosmetic reasons should also be a consideration.

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4. Window Cleaning

GARDENA Window Cleaner with Wiper offers a solution for streak free cleaning of windows and glass surfaces conveniently and effectively. The Window Cleaner has a built in a rubber lip which can be used as a squeegee making it easy to wipe window or tiled surfaces. For ultimate convenience, the window cleaner allows to mix and match handles depending on height requirement. For extended height, you can use a telescopic handle to reach up to 2.6 meters in height. For hand held operation, the cleaner can be fitted directly onto hose. The swivel joint allows movement of 360° on the cleaning surface. Supplied with high-quality microfibre fleece, which can be easily removed and is fully machine washable.


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5. Medium Pressure Cleaning

If your cleaning tasks requires a more powerful and vigorous cleaning tool, then the GARDENA AquaClean Pressure Washer comes highly recommended. This versatile product with adjustable pressure settings from 9bars to 24 bars, is perfect for cleaning just about every about surfaces and is ideal for cars, bicycles, trash cans and garden furniture.

This lightweight battery operated pressure washer connects directly onto the GARDENA hose making it extremely convenient to use. No need to stress on electricity connection or loadshedding, the Power For All battery allows you operate for about 38, 20 or 16 minutes depending on the pressure setting.

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6. Blower Vacuum

The GARDENA battery operated PowerJet blower vacuum, from the Power For All family of products, is powerful and easy to operate when removing debris, leaves and grass cuttings. With a blow speed of up to 320 km/h , cleaning can be done quickly and effortlessly, without the need for bending down and straining the back.


Equally powerful is the GARDENA electric powered ErgoJet blower vacuum, which can be used for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves for a tidy garden.


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7. Refuse removal after cleaning

Conveniently gather and removal garden debris, weeds, thatch or garbage with the GARDENA Mobile Cart. It is equipped with large, sturdy wheels with special tread that grip well but still gentle on the lawn. The solid metal frame that allows a load weight of up to 70 kg. The lid with double function is practical: it protects against smells and moisture, and it can also be used as a dustpan. It provides storage for two combisystem handles and two small tools, e.g. combisystem tools, hand brush, etc. By removing the bag holder, the Mobile Garden Cart can also serve as a hand cart for conveniently transporting boxes and beverage cases.

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Other tools recommended for different types of cleaning:

– combisystem house and road brooms

– combisystem squeegee

– Cleansystem hand held brushes

– Cleaning spray guns ecoPulse™

– Classic Roll-Fix 20metre hose – perfect for boats and yachts



– GARDENA range of handles are made of high grade aluminium, with easy-to-grip plastic coating for comfortable handling, prevents scratchmarks and slipping of the hand and protects the hand from the cold.

– Shampoo sticks can be inserted into the handle for gentle cleaning of dirty surfaces.

Visit www.gardena.co.za for detailed information of each product mentioned in this article.


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