Miniature plants are trendy and playful. They have become popular with small garden owners because they don’t take up much space and because of how low maintenance they are.

Here are a few plants suitable for miniature gardens:

The dwarf lady fern

This fern is wonderful for borders, and can be grown in pots then transferred to your garden.  In moist soil, this soft-leaf fern can tolerate a bit of morning sun. 

Dwarf ferns don’t take up much space making them the perfect plant to add to your small garden. These ferns tolerate deep shade and will carpet your garden floor, given the right conditions.

Beautiful lady ferns leaves green foliage

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Baby tears (Helxine soleirolii)

This low-growing plant has a moss-like appearance with small round green leaves on the fleshy stems. It is easy to care for and adds an interesting depth to your garden.

Baby tears are low-growing with about a 15cm growing habit and strikingly green leaves. The creepily spreading leaves drape well in a decorative form for a pot indoors. They work well for small gardens because they lack large stems. 

Green garden carpet of Baby's Tears miniature

Image Credit: Unsplash

Blue moneywort

This charming little creeper with bright green leaves and tiny blue flowers requires well-drained soil as overwatering will kill it. The plant will hug the floor and top it with white and blue flowers which bloom in late spring.

Since they are perennial plants, the best time to plant them is late winter to early spring. The moneywort thrives well in moist, marsh-like soils. They are good as water garden plants. 

Blue moneywort miniature plants in garden

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Jade tree 

The perfect miniature tree to add to your small garden is a jade tree. They showcase dense leaves that can tolerate good amounts of water. The jade tree can be grown anywhere as long as the temperature doesn’t drop to freezing level.

They prefer an adequate amount of sunlight, leading to the vigorous and dense growth of leaves and branches. Because of the easy care requirements, it is a great addition to your garden and will complement your small garden very well. 

Jade tree 

Image Credit: Pexels

The heron’s bill flower plant

This flowering plant adds character to your small garden. Full of soft, heart-shaped leaves that prove to be as tough as attractive.

This perennial flower can tolerate poor soil, heat, and drought. With little over 3cm growth, the heron’s bill flower will scatter pink to white flowers all over your small garden in summer. 

The Heron's Bill flower plant

Image Credit: Unsplash

You can be playful and fun with your small garden as miniature plants don’t require much attention. You can add gnomes, little fairies or even miniature horses to add a dimension of fantasy to your tiny garden.


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