As pool areas are thought of as practical first (especially in summer), they can quickly become bland in comparison with the rest of your home and garden design. To up your outdoor game and make your pool the place to be this summer, try out these easy tips – no expertise required.

Make it fun

pool floaties

Toni Cuenca via Unsplash

Pools are made to be enjoyed. Add a few fun floaties to allow you to soak up the sun and enjoy the best of the water your way.

Add comfortable seating

pool area

Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

Once you spruce up your pool area, you’ll want to enjoy it when you’re not taking a dip too. Adding comfortable seating is great for entertaining year-round and makes your pool area multi-purpose.

Loungers are essential

resort pool

The Anam via Unsplash

While you can certainly lie next to your pool on a towel or mat, nothing matches the luxurious feeling of a pool lounger. Add soft furnishings like throws and an umbrella overhead to take the luxury to the next level.

Add mood lighting

pool lighting

Ferdinand Asakome via Unsplash

Dotting a few lanterns around the pool instantly brightens the area and makes your design feel more intentional. Soft lighting is also great for those warm evenings when a dip in the pool is essential.

Use plants for a pop of colour

Greek inspired pool area

Theo Maroulis via Unsplash

Pool areas often focus on the use of neutral colours to manage the heat, which can become one-note. To inject some colour into the space, choose sun-loving flowering plants like this bougainvillea.

Integrate the pool area into the wider garden

pool area tropical

Maria Orlova via Pexels

Pool areas are often a last thought in garden design, serving more of a practical than an aesthetic purpose. To blend the two, use plants throughout near paving and in pots to surround yourself with nature.

Keep a fridge nearby

drink by pool

Engin Akyurt via Pexels

When you’re relaxing in the pool on a lazy afternoon, there’s nothing worse than having to completely dry off to get yourself a drink. Keep an outdoor fridge nearby for easy access to your favourite sundowners.

Featured image: Maria Orlova via Pexels