If your mother is happiest tending her garden, why not surprise her with a thoughtful gardening gift this Mother’s Day? Even if she seems to have every tool and accessory imaginable, the world of gardening always has new tools waiting to be discovered. From innovative footwear designed for gardening comfort to precision shears, there’s something perfect for every green thumb mom.

Not sure where to begin? For moms new to gardening, consider starting with essential items like durable gloves, quality tools, or a stylish apron to protect her clothes. For seasoned gardening experts, look into upgrading her favourite tools to newer, more efficient models that will make garden maintenance even more enjoyable. Explore our gift guide to the garden moms to make Mother’s Day extra special this year!

6 gardening gifts to get the garden mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Towa Premier Medium Gardening Gloves

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for your mom’s gardening passion by gifting her a pair of Towa gloves from YuppieChef. These gloves are a gardener’s best friend, offering protection and comfort for various gardening tasks. Whether she’s delicately planting seeds or tackling heavy landscaping projects, Towa gloves come in a range of designs tailored to different gardening needs.

YuppieChef @ R169,00

2. Good Roots Glass Plant Mister

Treat your gardening enthusiast mom to this elegant glass plant mister at YuppieChef, designed for pampering beloved plants, including orchids. This chic accessory not only waters your plants with precision but also doubles as a stylish decor piece that brings a touch of nature indoors.

Mother's Day garden gifts

YuppieChef @ R139,00

3. 10 Piece Violet Ladies Gardening Set

Spoil the gardening aficionado in your life with our delightful Mother’s Day gift set—a gorgeous violet ladies’ 10-piece gardening ensemble from Takealot. This comprehensive kit equips the avid gardener with all the essentials needed for cultivating a flourishing garden.

Mother's Day garden gifts

Takealot @R750

What’s included:

  • 1 x Stylish violet case for convenient storage and portability
  • 2 x Shovels for digging and transplanting with ease
  • 1 x Pruning shears for trimming and shaping plants
  • 1 x Rake to tidy up soil and leaves
  • 1 x Spray bottle for gentle watering and misting
  • 1 x Trowel for planting and soil manipulation
  • 1 x Weeding knife to tackle unwanted growth
  • 1 x Fork for aerating and loosening soil
  • 1 x Spade for precise digging and planting

4. The Kinfolk Garden – Gardening Book

Delight your  mom this Mother’s Day with The Kinfolk Garden, from Poetry Living, a captivating book that celebrates the beauty of lush gardens and plant-filled homes. This inspiring volume features 30 individuals and spaces from around the globe, offering a fresh perspective on incorporating nature into daily life.

Poetry Living @ R1,150

5. Entry Level Orchid in Ceramic Pot

Treat your garden-loving mom to Woolworth’s exquisite entry-level orchid, meticulously crafted to add a touch of botanical elegance to any space. This timeless floral accent comes nestled in a sturdy and chic black ceramic pot, designed to enhance and complement various home décor styles with effortless versatility. A perfect Mother’s Day gift that brings lasting beauty to her favorite indoor garden spots.

Mother's Day gardening gifts

Woolworths @ R279.00

6. Good Roots Watering Can

Surprise your gardening mom this Mother’s Day with the Good Roots Watering Can from YuppieChef, expertly crafted from galvanized and powder-coated steel. This sturdy can holds up to 4.5 liters, ensuring ample hydration for all her beloved plants with fewer refills. The convenient folding handle allows for effortless filling, while the perforated rose spout ensures even and gentle water distribution, making watering a delightful experience. Give her the gift of practicality and style with this essential watering companion for her garden.

Mother's Day gardening  gift

YuppieChef @R379.00


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