With winter approaching fast, the weather is getting colder, and the days are becoming shorter. It’s time to start prep for the colder months ahead. Getting your pool ready for winter might sound like a lot of work, but this little hassle will save you time and money in the long run.

Here is how you can protect your pool in winter:

Why should you protect your swimming pools?

Neglected pools during winter can be damaged as falling debris can contribute to the uncleanliness of the pool and the pool liner can be affected.

Pools that aren’t prepared for winter become chemically unbalanced and will eventually have nasty chemical algae build up. Taking the time to prepare your pool for winter means that when spring comes around, your pool can easily be brought out of hibernation.

Small pool covered with a blue cover during the winter season

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Here are simple ways to get your pool ready for winter

Clean your pool

Start cleaning the walls and floors of the pool and remove any debris or leaves from the water. Also, clean all around the waterline of the pool and get rid of algae, if there are any.

Clean all the pipes

Rid the pipes of any stuck debris or dirt that may cause algae to grow over the winter period.

Check the chlorine levels of your pool

During winter, since there is less UV light from the sun, the chlorine will last longer. To keep your pool clean, it’s important to keep to keep your chlorine levels low at all times during winter.

Cover your pool

Because most people rarely use the pool in winter, pool covers have become an important factor in ensuring your pool is kept well and clean. Before covering your pool, make sure that there are no tears that could compromise the effectiveness of your pool cover. By avoiding dirt accumulation from the weather and debris, you don’t need to spend much time maintaining the pool when springtime comes.

Man cleaning the swimming pool with a net

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So, remember to incorporate all these tips in your pool care plan for winter, and not only will you cut down on expenses, but also ensure that the pool looks great all winter long and in time for the warm weather.


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