It’s finally December and the festive season is upon us. While the kids are winding down into school holidays, parents are making arrangements to send them to their grandparents so that they can plan the Christmas Day festivities. Between getting the gifts and planning the menu, it’s easy to overlook decorating your table for Christmas lunch or dinner.

1. The centrepiece

Your centrepiece is the first thing your guests will notice, so make sure that it stands out. Be careful that it does not overpower but rather complement the other elements on your table. Depending on your chosen colours and patterns, you can either go wild or minimal. One thing to bear in mind is that your guests still need to be able to communicate from across the table.

2. Create dimensions and spread them out

Adding different shapes and objects to your table will help give it depth and make it look more interesting. Fairy lights, candles and some of your left-over Christmas tree decorations can be used to create these dimensions.

3. Name placements

Getting people to catch-up and continue the conversation around the lunch table is encouraged. Switch it up by creating name placements and mixing your guests up. This could be a great ice-breaker. Just be sure to not put sworn enemies across from each other. Your name placements can be made out of colour paper which can be cut out into fun shapes.

4. Add different elements

Adding different elements, depending on the type of menu that you will be serving, will give your table a festive touch. You could add flowers in vases, or opt for placemats or pieces which will compliment your centrepiece. For the final touch, add sweet treats to the table, which you can fill with cute surprises for your guests.

5. Layer your table

To finish off your look, layer your table using plates, bowls, as well as glasses and cutlery. You don’t want a mountain of plates and bowls which will overpower your other elements. You will need the main dishes, glasses, and cutlery that your guests will be using to enjoy the menu you effortlessly prepared. And just like that, you’ll have an enviable Christmas lunch table that’s Instagram-worthy!


Festive decor tips

Feature image: Pexels

Complied by Koketso Masuluke for BONA Magazine.