Always beautiful and welcomed, cut flowers, like long-stemmed roses are a great go-to gift for Valentine’s Day, but what about trying something different this year?  If you love a gardener, consider these fun plant and gardening alternatives.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for gardeners


Usually a vining plant with big, fleshy leaves that are heart-shaped that you might find in garden centers with single, heart-shaped leaf cutting in soil. These make a lovely and fun Valentine’s gift but you can go a step further. Try to find the whole plant, not just the cutting, and it will last for years.

Moth Orchids

Valentine's Day Gifts for Gardeners


Not only do these orchids look dramatic and beautiful, but they also make a great, easy-care house plant gift.

If you took a moth orchid, put it in a room with indirect light, and did nothing, as in – didn’t water it, didn’t even talk to it – it would still flower in spite of your non-interaction AND it would last longer than cut flowers!

Depending on its root system, this orchid will last for weeks, sometimes months. And if the moth-orchid receiver is really into gardening, they can take care of it and have it come back again next year to flower next winter.

Gift of seeds

While a bouquet is a very traditional Valentine’s Day gift, if you want to truly surprise your partner or friend with a unique gift, why not give them a Gift of Seeds instead so they can grow their own flowers? While a bouquet will wither and die, a Gift of Seeds will keep giving as it grows and blooms.

Gifts of Seeds we recommend: Forget-Me-Not, Everlasting Daisy, Sunflowers, Native Daisies, Dahlia, and Sweet Pea.

Valentines Day gardening gifts

Image: Sow n Sow Gift Seeds

Flower Press

If you really want to treat your garden-loving friend on V-day, give them a gift they will treasure and continue to use year after year. A flower press is a keepsake that makes a truly special Valentine’s Day gift. Give it with a bunch of flowers and encourage your valentine to preserve them as a lasting memento.

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Succulent arrangement

Succulent plants are beautiful and low-maintenance, making them the perfect gift for the gardener who loves to add a touch of green to their home.

Choose from various colours and sizes of beautiful succulents to create a unique, eye-catching, succulent arrangement that will brighten up any room. You can even personalise the arrangement with a special message or a special container to make it extra special.

Valentine's Day


Gardening apron

Gardening can be a messy business, but with a sturdy and stylish gardening apron, your loved one can keep their clothes clean and organised while they work in the garden. Choose from various colours and patterns, such as florals or solid colours, to find the perfect fit for your special someone’s style. The Next Gardener aprons also come with handy pockets to store tools and gloves, making gardening even more convenient.

A new gardening tool set is the perfect gift

Your Valentine will love you for upgrading their rusty old set with some shiny, new gardening tools. Honestly, who needs a store-bought bouquet when these tools can help your loved one grow their own gorgeous cut flowers?

A set of gardening tools


Gardening books

These books can take your Valentine’s gardening skills to the next level.

Kitchen Garden Revival – My first book brings you step by step to create your own beautiful raised-bed kitchen garden and learn exactly how to plan, plant, tend, and harvest from it more than you thought possible.

Leaves, Roots & Fruit – This book helps them grow their gardening knowledge by mastering one type of plant at a time. They’ll build on their garden success with each step.


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