Winter can be brutal and do some damage to your lawn. With these lawn care steps, your lawn doesn’t have to take the brunt.

Here are a few easy ways to safeguard your lawn this winter.

Rake the leaves

Autumn can be a beautiful season with all the colourful leaves falling. Although beautiful, the same leaves can cause problems for your lawn

A thick layer of leaves covering your lawn invites pests and diseases and even prevents the process of photosynthesis on your lawn. Rake your leaves every few days to keep your lawn safe. It is ideal to remove them immediately. 

Raking leaves with a rake

Image Credit: Pexels

Keep off your lawn

When the frost does strike, try and stay off your lawnIt looks pretty and glistening away in the morning sunlight, but it can do damage to your lawn. Walking across your frosty lawn, could end up breaking off frozen grass blades attached to the grass. 

This can be a struggle to grow back throughout the winter months, resulting in your lawn becoming uneven. If you don’t want to cause some serious damage to your grass, keep off it.

Pro tip: lightly water your grass early in the morning to help displace the frost and speed up the melting process.

Frost covered lawn in a yard

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Mow regularly

Only mow the lawn if it’s necessary. If your grass gets too long, it won’t be able to get the sunlight or air that it needs to continue growing healthy. When mowing your lawn, make sure it is not too short. 

Man mowing grass in his lawn near his house

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You may be tempted to skip your lawn maintenance because of the drop in temperature, but stick to a schedule that works for you and your garden.


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