Gardening is like a big, green community where plants chat, help each other out, and grow together. It’s like they’re having a garden party all the time!

This is the purpose behind companion planting, a gardening practice that gives critical support to neighbouring plants so they can grow as optimally as possible. For centuries, gardeners studied the effects of growing different adjoining plants to see if they provided each other with mutual benefits. They discovered over time that some produced larger crops, kept pests at bay, and helped others grow healthier.

Growers of peppers are aware that selecting the proper companion plants is essential to a productive growing season. When building and planning your garden, it’s crucial to know which companion plants to plant next to one another.

Explore the 5 best companion plants for your bell pepper patch:

1. Basil

Basil isn’t just there to spice up your pasta; it’s a superhero in the garden too. With its aromatic leaves, basil masks the scent of peppers from pesky bugs like thrips and hornworms. Plus, basil brings in the A-list pollinators like bees and butterflies, ensuring your peppers get all the attention they deserve.

Basil (1)


2. Cilantro

Its zesty fragrance not only confuses garden pests but also attracts the avengers of the insect world: ladybugs and lacewings. They’re like the bouncers, kicking out any unwanted guests trying to crash the pepper party. Just make sure cilantro gets a bit of shade; it’s not a fan of getting too much sun.

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3. Onions

Aphids, cabbage worms, and even rabbits, get confused and steer clear of your peppers when onions are around. It’s like having a pepper bodyguard! And don’t worry, onions won’t steal the spotlight; they’re happy to play second fiddle and let your peppers shine.

onions - companion plant (1)


4. Rosemary

Rosemary is like the sturdy oak tree in your garden, providing shelter from storms and unruly winds. Its aromatic foliage not only keeps the soil moist but also acts as a shield against the elements. Think of it as a natural umbrella for your peppers. Plus, it looks pretty darn good in your garden too!

5. Carrots

Their leafy tops cover the soil, keeping it cosy and moist for your peppers. And the best part? Carrots don’t compete for attention or resources; they’re happy to play the supporting role while your peppers take the spotlight.

Growing a vegetable garden


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Feature image: Pexels