In the realm of interior design, few elements hold as much timeless charm and practicality as shutters. Whether your home boasts grand windows drenched in sunlight, or more intimate spaces requiring a touch of privacy, shutters are the epitome of versatile sophistication.

Marketing Director of Plantation Shutters, Briggie Kirchmann, shares six spaces perfectly suited for the use of shutters:  

  1. Embracing the Sunlight: This is the primary reason why shutters were invented – to shield an opening from a lot of sunlight, and to this day they remain unparalleled in their ability to strike a balance between light and airflow.
    When the sun’s rays flood a room, leaving it uncomfortably warm, shutters step in as the perfect solution. Consider the north-facing side of your home, where the morning and midday sun can sometimes overstay its welcome. Installing shutters here, allows you to orchestrate your own morning light symphony, adjusting the louvres to your liking and then fully opening them once the sun has moved, optimizing light for the remainder of the day. And when afternoon glare and heat set in, the reversible magic of shutters saves the day. 

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  1. Bathroom Bliss: For those cherished moments of solitude in the bathroom, shutters offer a simple, yet elegant solution. A flick of the wrist allows you to angle the louvres, providing the privacy you seek. Most often, you’ll desire a subtle amount of light and airflow, and that’s easily achieved. When discretion is required, merely adjust the louvres, partially or completely. Moreover, shutters can be designed with split louvres, allowing you to close off the lower section while keeping the top half open. 

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  1. Concealing Unwanted Views: We’ve all encountered those unattractive spaces, be it a neighbouring boundary wall, façade, or a nondescript back alley. In these cases, shutters can remain closed with the louvres angled. The result? The light and air can still circulate in the room, but the unsightly view is obscured as one focuses on the aesthetics of the clean lines of the shutters and the light filtering through. 

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  1. Security Meets Fresh Air: Security and fresh air need not be at odds. Not everyone wishes to mar their windows with bulky and unsightly burglar bars. There are times when we yearn for the unrestricted flow of air. Security Shutters offer the assurance you need, allowing you to leave your windows open with unwavering peace of mind. 


  1. Perfect Proportions: Certain windows and doors, for example, those with slender, towering profiles, lend themselves beautifully to the embrace of shutters. No other window covering can do justice to their elegant proportions. 

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  1. Artful Archways and More: Archways, portholes, and triangles are beautiful features in a home, but they can prove tricky to dress when coverage is essential. Our custom-designed Plantation Shutters work beautifully in unusual spaces as they showcase the shape, whilst providing the necessary shade and privacy.



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