When it comes to bedding, the options are as diverse as they are enticing. From colours to materials, sizes to styles, the world of bedding is brimming with choices. And just like any fashion-forward domain, bedding has its own trends that capture the spotlight. Let’s explore the bedding styles that are set to make a splash in your bedroom spaces.

Floral Finesse

Floral Bedding

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Bid adieu to overwhelming, traditional florals – a fresh breed of three-dimensional, contemporary floral designs is taking center stage. Picture delicate hand-painted patterns that infuse your room with a breath of springtime air. The @Home recycled microfiber spring foliage duvet cover is a perfect example, epitomizing clean floral aesthetics. For a burst of colour, consider the Maui recycled microfiber duvet cover, a high-contrast marvel that adds a touch of “wow” to your bedroom.

Victorian Elegance

Victorian Style Bedding

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Incorporating elements from the Victorian era, Erdem and others have cast a spell on the fashion scene. These influences have gracefully translated into bedding trends, embracing organza ruffles, absinthe greens, taffeta, and frosted lilacs. This  Victorian-style printed quilt bedspread set captures this regal essence, blending an array of shades with intricate floral designs. Elevate your space with an air of aristocracy.

Soothing Hues

Soft colours (1)

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Embracing the concept of calm living, Instagram trends are ushering in a serene lifestyle marked by tranquility. Reflecting this ethos, a calming colour palette is gracing our homes. The Relax Collection Microfiber Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set in light peach embodies this trend, offering soft, pale hues that are easy on the eyes, imparting a gentle touch of color to your sanctuary.

Tropical Escapes

Building upon the biophilic designs that stole the spotlight in 2022, this year adds a tropical twist. Injecting vibrant, tropical colours into your bedroom evokes warmth and vitality. The MM Linen Tropics Duvet Cover Set is your ticket to transforming your sleep space into a tropical haven, infusing it with invigorating energy.


The world of bedding takes us on a captivating journey through an array of styles. From the contemporary elegance of floral designs to the Victorian splendour, and the soothing charm of calming colours to the invigorating allure of tropical touches, this year’s trends invite us to reimagine our resting sanctuaries in the most stylish and invigorating ways.



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