We all know the ‘rule of paint’ that’s been hammered into our heads since we were kids: dark colours will make your space feel smaller. If you want to make a space feel light and bright, then sunny hues and crisp whites are what you should lean towards. Over time though we’ve learnt to break these rules in a number of areas within our homes, including our bathrooms. If however, you’re still on the fence about soaking in a bubble bath Pretty Woman style surrounded by dark walls, because you’re worried that your space may be too small, let us offer you a little nudge shall we…

3 Ways to use dark paint in your bathroom

1. Half way there

You don’t have to have paint every inch your bathroom walls if you don’t want to. Instead, paint the top half of your walls in a beautiful, rich shade and add a lighter tile in a complimentary colour to the bottom of your walls. This will result in a striking, modern look that won’t leave you disappointed.

2. Just a smidge

An accent wall is a great way to work through your feelings of having a darker than usual paint on your bathroom walls. It’s also a good option if you have a smaller space, and is a lot kinder on your pocket if you’re still making your mind up about the bold move.

3. It’s in the details

Styling a dark bathroom can be as daunting as deciding on your paint colour, so be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Contrast is key: Be sure to add lighter accessories to the space. Think white photo frames, bright shower curtains or towels. These will all add a much needed contrast to the space. That said, including pops of complimenting colours never hurt, either.
  • Light it up: If your space is low on natural light, be sure to add some artificial lighting, preferably above a mirror. Speaking of which…
  • Mirror, mirror: Adding a medium to large mirror to your bathroom will not only be functional, but also bounce light around the room.
  • Plants please: Be sure to include a bathroom friendly plants that can thrive in low light.

Beyond paint

No matter what colour paint you decide on, prepping your bathroom walls for a some new colour is crucial. Under no circumstances should you paint over mildew. Instead, take the necessary steps to remove it and prevent future growth. Choosing the right type of paint for your bathroom is just as important. Amongst other things, it needs to stand up to the inevitable moisture, humidity and should be easy to wipe down. Plascon has a range of paints specially formulated for use in your bathroom and can be mixed to any number of number of their available colours. Need more advice? Pop on over to plascon.com for all that you need to know.


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