Candles are one of the most coveted items in my home. A gorgeous scented candle, even more so. The current rolling blackouts don’t seem as bad when I get to light up my candles. There’s one in particular that rules the roost from its little perch on my floating shelf. That is the gorgeous Menthe Basilic Candle from French fragrance brand, Fragonard.

Frangonard is recognised today as one of the most renowned perfume houses to come from the Grasse area in France,  perfume capital of the world. Frangonard is (almost) impossible to come by in South Africa…imagine my excitement when I discovered The Beautiful Life Store, based in Parkhurst (Johannesburg) who is the exclusive stockist of Frangonard nationally…and they deliver nationwide. Sois sereine mon cœur! (Be still my heart).

The history of Frangonard

Frangonard’s story began in Grasse in 1926, when Eugène Fuchs opened a perfumery he named Fragonard in tribute to the famous Grasse Painter.  This spirit has been loyally preserved by the three succeeding generations who are still running the company today, as one of the last remaining traditional family-run perfumeries in the Grasse region.  Ever faithful to its’ traditional perfumery, Fragonard has developed over 100 perfumes and perfumed creations since its inception. Today, we’re focusing on Frangonard’s exquisite candle range.

Le Jardin de Fragonard (Fragonard’s Garden)

This gorgeous collection grabs your attention from the go, presented in ornate boxes decorated with flowers and foliage that embody the ebb and flow of the seasons.  Fragonard’s garden collection reveals its tender scented secrets through enchanted fragrant journeys to various lands and secret gardens. The collection boasts an exquisite selection of perfumes, room diffusers, and soaps. The main characters today are these phenomenal French candles:

Fragonard Anis Étoilé Lavande 

This beautiful Provence-inspired candle has a gorgeous green fragrance, with hints of fresh star anis magnified by sparkling citrusy lavender.

The Beautiful Life Store

Pistache Cedre 

Be transported to beautiful Persian gardens to the shade of a hundred-year-old cedar tree gives out its fragrance mixed with that of dried fruits filling the house with a full, wooded scent.

The Beautiful Life Store

Menthe Basilic

This Andalusian garden-inspired candle is my absolute favourite from the range because it fills up any indoor space with a fabulously fresh scent that hangs around even when the candle is unlit. With notes of mint and spicy basil, this fragrance is like a brisk, refreshing breath of air.

The Beautiful Life Store

Gingembre Vétiver

This Oriental garden-inspired candle boasts a unique, perefect combination of fresh, invigorating ginger sustained by the woody note of vetiver.


The Beautiful Life Store


Feature Image: The Beautiful Life Store

Written by Savanna Douglas

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