If you work from home, you’ll find that you probably aren’t home that much at all. The day consists of a constant rush to meetings.

From coffee shops and restaurants, to corporate offices and the daily errand run; being home for a full day is a novelty. Your productivity could take a serious knock, not to mention your budget! Scratch out the coffee shop option when possible, and opt to host business meetings at home. Here are a few tips to help you pull it off.

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Choose the right space

Consider how many people will be in attendance and choose a room in the house accordingly. Make sure that the room you choose has enough seats to accommodate everyone. Try to avoid rooms that are overly-relaxed, and make sure that the room you choose has a good amount of natural light, to keep productivity high.

host business meetings at homeClear up the clutter

Put away any books, children’s toys or trinkets that could distract from productive conversation. Keeping the area clean is key to making your home look professional.

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Keep everyone refreshed

Refreshments are important as they help to maintain high energy. Keep jugs of cold water at hand, as well as freshly made pots of coffee and tea. Consider when you’ll be hosting the meeting as well as how long it will be and serve refreshments accordingly. For instance, in a breakfast meeting, serve a selection of pastries and fruit.

host business meetings at home foodTry these quick and easy recipes to try when you host business meetings at home: 

Breakfast meeting: Pumpkin nut muffins

Lunch meeting:  Salmon crème-fraiche mini pizzas 

Coffee meeting: Velvety Vanilla cupcakes

Keep a clock nearby

The reason you’re hosting a meeting at home is to save time wasted on an everyday basis. It doesn’t help the situation if your home meetings run overtime. Keep a clock visible nearby as a reminder to you, and your guests not to let the meeting run too long.

host business meetings at home

Added extras

Take the extra effort to make your home stand out placing a simple flower arrangement in the middle of the table. Use a low vase so that everyone at the table can see each other, or set flowers near the entrance to give a great first impression. Finally, inspire through the senses by making your home smell delightful with a reed diffuser or a scented candle. Take note of these simple ways to make your home smell incredible.