Sacha Olivier shows us how to transform an old shutter and dishwasher basket into a stylish holder.

Upcycle an old shutter - 2upcycle an old shutterWHAT YOU’LL NEED

Wooden louvre

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Paint brushes

220-grit sandpaper

Annie Sloan Soft Wax

Wire basket +  Screws and nails


1.Cut the louvre to the right size and paint with your desired colour. If you use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, sanding the louvre is not necessary. The more distressed the original shutter the better the effect.

2. To achieve the paint effect used here, buy paint in two shades, and use the lighter colour as the first coat. Once it has dried, use the darker paint as the second coat. When this has dried, sand the shutter lightly to reveal the lighter paint underneath. This mimics the well-worn effect found on old weathered pieces.

3. Once the paint has dried, apply a coat of Annie Sloan Soft Wax to further protect the shutter and give it a beautiful lustre.

4. When you have located a suitable basket (we used a dishwasher shelf cut in half), securely nail or screw the basket to the door.

Upcycle an old shutter 1

TIP: If this is for outdoor use, look for a louvre in a strong wood like meranti, mahogany or sapele.