A beautiful and unique addition that will make your garden the talk of your neighbourhood. Creating a small streambed can transform your dull garden into an inviting haven. Here’s all you need to start this ambitious task.

What you will need for your streambed:


  • River rocks (Size depends on you)
  • Landscape fabric
  • Small gravel rocks
  • Mixed cement


  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Level
Garden streambed next to rocks and plants

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How to build your streambed

When building your streambed, it may be as large or small as your yard permits. Creating your own streambed takes proper planning to ensure its success.

Select the right location

The first step in building your stream is selecting the right location. You should consider the shape of your yard and a spot that won’t interfere with your plants.

Excavate the spot

Once you’ve selected the perfect spot for your new streambed, it’s time to excavate the spot. Use your shovel and start digging to the depth you require depending on the size and shape of your stream. Ensure that it’s large enough to accommodate a water pump, if needed. Your stream can flow into a small garden pond for continuous circulation.

Place landscape fabric

When your hole is ready, prepare the landscape fabric. Before placing the landscape fabric ensure that the surface is smooth, even and clear of debris.

Then, place the landscape fabric over the entire surface, including angled sides depending on the shape of your stream. The fabric helps with the prevention of weeds.

Lay down your gravel

Cover the bottom of your streambed with gravel rocks. The gravel will prevent the fabric from shifting when water flows into the streambed from rainfall. Additionally, the gravel will enhance the visual appeal of your stream.

Use your river rocks

Add river rocks along the edges of your streambed for a natural look. This will help blend the stream with the rest of your garden giving it a natural appeal. Depending on the size of your streambed large rocks can be used to build up the sides of your streambed.

You may use cement to make sure they don’t move over time. Make sure you get high-quality cement so that the side rocks can withstand different temperatures throughout the year without movement.

Add finishing touches

Once you’ve finished building up your streambed, you can add the finishing touches. If you want to try something more decorative, consider adding small sculptures around the edges of your stream or underwater lights to give it light at night when water flows.

Streambed garden with luscious flowers next to it. Nature landscape

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