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Last updated on 31 January 2019

Using leaf cuttings is an easy way to propagate succulents. If you need a large number of plants, this method is ideal, but if you want large plants quickly, stem cuttings are better providing you have the necessary mother plant material.


Kalanchoe, echeveria, Christmas cactus, graptopetalum, sedum, and crassula. Aeoniums aren’t suitable.


  • Select mature healthy leaves and pull them off the plant with a downward tug. Leaves that are broken off too far away from the stem won’t grow roots. You need an entire undamaged leaf.
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  • Lay leaves out on a sheet of newspaper in a cool dry place so the ends can form calluses; they may even begin to put out roots (1), or develop baby plants at this stage.
  • Fill a pot or flat tray with drainage holes with potting soil mix and a generous quantity of coarse river or silica sand.
  • Lay the leaves on the surface of the soil; there’s no need to bury the cut ends (2) and place the tray where it will receive light, but not full sun.

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  • Simply mist the surface when the soil dries out; there are enough reserves of water in the leaf to keep the plant alive. If you’re in a very hot area, you may need to do this more often.
  • Fine roots will appear followed by rosettes of leaves (3). At this stage you may need to mound up a little potting mix around the base of the plantlet.
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  • Once a baby plant appears, start feeding with Seagro, or similar liquid fertiliser, and Kelpak.
  • When the mother leaf shrivels and turns brown, pot up into small containers (4).
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  • Pot into large individual containers once they are well-established (5)

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