Alocasias are becoming more and more popular as houseplants. But, with so many rare and interesting cultivars, they can be quite pricey. If you want to grow more Alocasias without spending the money, propagate from corms following these steps:

  • Look for corms in the top layer of soil. If you cannot spot any, pull the plant out of its container and remove the soil to look for any small bulbs.
  • Remove as many corms as you can find and replant your Alocasia into a new pot with fresh soil mix.
  • Wash the corms under water. This removes any dirt that will spread to the water when rooting.
  • Drop the corms into a clear container and fill with water just below the height of the corms, leaving them slightly exposed to the air.
  • Cover the container to retain moisture. Open it for 30 minutes every day to allow air for flow through.
  • Move to soil when roots are visible.

Featured image: Jennifer Burk via Unsplash