Get your old cutlery out of the drawer for this easy DIY home decor project. Upcycling expert Sacha Olivier, of Once Upon A Time, demonstrates how easy it is to make a pendant light from old knives, forks and spoons

You’ll need:

  • Lead wire
  • Old cutlery
  • Wire clippers
  • A support piece – such as a cake stand or colander
  • Electrical cord
  • A light bulb holder and a light bulb

How to do it:

  1. Select the cutlery and lay it out to see how many pieces you’ll need.
  2. Cut about 20cm of wire and wrap it securely around the top of each piece of cutlery.
  3. Attach it to the cake stand.
  4. Take care to space each piece evenly. The decorative edge on this cake stand makes it a good choice because it’s easy to thread the wire through the openings.
  5. Next, drill a hole in the centre of the cake stand, big enough for the electrical cord, and then thread the cord through the hole and attach the light bulb holder.
  6. Ask a qualified electrician to connect the pendant to the ceiling wiring.
  7. Insert the light bulb after your pendant has been safely fitted.

Tip: Leave out the wiring and use the pendant as a mobile, or hang it in the garden as wind chimes.