It’s National Weed Your Garden Day in the USA, which makes it the perfect reminder for us to take care of our gardens to ensure a healthy, flourishing garden in spring.

What is national weed your garden day?

It is a day observed for gardeners and garden owners alike to take an extra 5-10 minutes to weed their gardens.

Weeding can actually be a fun way to ground yourself and just take a few minutes for yourself and your thoughts in nature. 

Here are 8 weeding tips to help you keep your garden healthy.

  1. Give your garden and weeds daily attention. Weeds grow really fast, so staying on top of them is key.
  2. Be particularly alert about weeds near young plants. Weeds suck up all the nutrients needed for plants to grow healthily, so they will be detrimental to young plants.
  3. Plant your plants close together, leaving little to no room for weeds.
  4. Don’t forget the roots. If you break the weeds off and don’t get the roots too, they will simply grow back. 
  5. Weeding after rainfall makes it easier to pull weeds out by the root as the soil is soft, so weeding in winter makes perfect sense.
  6. If you’re in a dry region, water the garden before weeding for the same effect.
  7. If you can’t reach the weed by the root and they’re growing between cracks, chop them off regularly to prevent them from setting seeds.
  8. Use mulch mixed with a weed preventer to keep weeds from germinating for up to six months.

Weed killers you can find in your kitchen

  1. If you’re fighting weeds in concrete or between bricks, throw a little bit of bleach over them and wait a few days to pull them out.
  2. Mix one cup of salt dissolved in 2 cups of hot water for a weed-killing concoction
  3. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, undiluted, is a great weed killer. Be sure that this is used on weeds that are isolated from your plants.


Homemade weed killers


Featured image: Jason Long via Unsplash