Established in 1988, Lifestyle Home Garden sprouted from a shared vision – to not only develop a family nursery, but also to create a garden centre and lifestyle hub different from any other, a gardening destination. 

Fueled by passion, supported by our loyal customers, and driven by our commitment to excellence, we have grown into a vibrant community. Picture a place where green thumbs and novices unite, where creativity blooms and our team of passionate experts – a mix of plant lovers, design wizards and DIY enthusiasts – work together to sprinkle a bit of magic into your garden and home. 

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As you step into our gardening haven you will be greeted with a kaleidoscope of delightful indoor plants in the widest variety available and all the pots and containers you can dream of to show them off. When visiting Lifestyle Home Garden, you are sure to come across all the latest varieties of indoor plants as well as on-trend and old-time favourites in a selection that will leave you coming back for more. Couple this with a stylish choice of home décor, and you have all the bells and whistles to deck out your favourite place. 

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Enter the outside nursery through our newly installed lounge and patio areas, to find an explosion of outdoor colour in seedlings, shrubs, roses, perennials, trees, grasses, fynbos, water plants and succulents. Our plant advisors are at hand and always eager to answer all your gardening questions and guide you in your plant selection for all areas of your garden space.  

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Self-care and sustainability are becoming a way of life, and rightly so. In keeping with this, Lifestyle Home Garden stocks the most scrumptious range of vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, fruit trees, citrus, berries and vines to grow in gardens big and small or on patios, balconies and sunny windowsills.   

While you are here, why not join our Lifestyle Loyalty Club? This way you will earn accumulating cashback rewards every time you shop and qualify for additional and exclusive discounts.  

Can’t make it to our garden centre?  No problem!  Explore our curated selection of products and promotions from the comfort of your own home with our user-friendly online store at  

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Embark on a gardening adventure with us, because to inspire the creative, the garden guru, the newbie, the young enthusiast, and the passionate homeowner – that is our lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that goes all out to help you create and choose your lifestyle. Everything your home and garden needs in one beautifully dynamic place – that is Lifestyle Home Garden. 


The many faces of urban gardening

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