The move to urban cities is at its peak. People are finding ways to lead a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle using urban gardening. Here are a few different types of urban gardens gaining popularity in the gardening world.

Backyard Gardens

The first thing to think of when starting a garden is to think of the location set-up. Depending on the set-up of your home, a backyard garden can be useful. Oftentimes, a backyard offers the most space. When planning your backyard garden you will want to plant in an area that gets sufficient amounts of sunlight per day. If the location of your home has rocky ground, you might want to consider having raised beds for your garden.

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Rooftop Gardens

Living in the city might mean limited space to start a garden on the ground. This is where rooftop gardens come into play. There are so many ideas for building your rooftop garden in the city. You can plant using raised beds or build a greenhouse. These are all possible with rooftop gardens.

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Using Pots for Your Urban Garden

Pots can be an easy and cost-friendly way of growing a garden in urban cities. Pretty much any plant can grow in pots, just give it the right amount of attention and you are sorted. Using pots to grow vegetables such as herbs and other foods can be good for a small space, as plant pots are not only compact, but can be moved into areas where there’s more or less sunlight.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens can be great for apartments, small garden spaces or to maximise the amount of growing space in your home. This type of urban gardening is great for decorating the walls whilst still growing nutritious plants for you and your family. Vertical gardening can be one of the best alternative methods for gardening by expanding the scope of growing plants in a vertical space, in turn optimising your space.



How to start an urban garden

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