Domestos is waging a war against poor sanitation by building toilets in local schools, and it’s really easy for you to get involved.

Sometimes thinking about all the problems our country faces can be disheartening – especially because it’s not clear what exactly ordinary South Africans can do to help. Luckily, Unilever is changing this by using their brands to do good, globally and here at home.

Read on to find out how you can help Domestos bring cleaner, safer toilets to millions of people, just by keeping your own toilet clean.

Why are sanitation and toilets important?

Did you know that a child dies every two minutes from a disease linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation? Clean, safe toilets can help change this! Getting sanitation right will have a massive impact on improving human health – especially for children.

When kids can’t use the toilets at school because they’re filthy or dangerous, some stop using them at all, which leads to serious health risks – particularly for young women who are menstruating. Children who do use the toilet can be exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases, or even die, as we’ve seen in South Africa.

How is Domestos improving school sanitation?

Domestos want to put a stop to unsafe, unhygienic toilets in schools across South Africa through the “Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future Programme”. Domestos have partnered with the Department of Basic Education, corporate partners and local NGOs to ensure that schools and communities not only have safe, clean toilet facilities, but also the know-how to maintain those facilities in the long run.

What has the “Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future Programme” done so far?

Together with their partners, Domestos and the “Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future Programme” reach 1 million children a year. They’ve built new toilets and taught kids the importance of hygiene as well as which hygiene habits can keep them healthy.

Globally, the programme has touched the lives of 10 million people with cleaner, safer toilets. But Domestos isn’t stopping anytime soon! By 2020, they plan to help 25 million people access cleaner, safer toilets all over the world.

What can you do to help?

All of that sounds great right? But what does it have to do with you? Domestos has made it really, really easy for ordinary South Africans to help them wage war against poor sanitation. All you have to do is to keep choosing Domestos as your toilet germ-killing weapon of choice, and you’ll automatically be helping make the lives of millions of people around the world cleaner, safer and better. Easy!

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