The Garden Route in the Western Cape is filled with tons of little nooks and crannies, which once uncovered will reveal some of the most unexpected gems you’ll ever find. This was my experience at The Riverhouse.

Nestled deep within the Ballot’s Bay private nature reserve, The Riverhouse offers an experience that is serene, and picturesque. Waking up to the natural light, shining in on the main bedroom, with the soundtrack of chirping birds and the trickling water from the river as it makes its way down into the ocean. It is the perfect escape deep into nature, that will have you exploring the beauty of silence.


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Ballot’s Bay

As a resident of the Western Cape, when I heard the name Ballot’s Bay, I was dumbfounded as the name had never landed upon my ears before. When we arrived at the entrance to the nature reserve, just off the N2, we had no idea what was waiting for us on the other side of the very regular-looking gate.

Upon entry, we are greeted by a little equestrian community with horses grazing along the unexploited road. As we follow the owner of the cabin, Jacqui Schnetler to the cabin and enter the private access to the nature reserve, we are flabbergasted by the secret world that awaits.


The meandering road took us through the green mountaintops, enveloping us from every angle. Once inside, we couldn’t believe that we had just been on the bustling N2 a mere five minutes ago!


The Riverhouse amenities

As we pass the few classic cabins within the nature reserve, it feels very on-brand for them to be typically wooden. It felt like the ideal space for a cabin-in-the-woods scenario. For this reason, when we pulled up into the driveway of The Riverhouse, we didn’t expect to find such a modern establishment waiting for us.

As we enter the charcoal-coloured cabin, everything is open-plan, inviting all the best elements of nature like the natural light, the fresh, crisp air, and the aromas of the diverse flora and fauna surrounding us. The glass balconies made us feel like we were living in a modern, and luxurious treehouse.

The home features two bedrooms – the master bedroom featuring a spacious walk-in rain shower, and the guest bedroom featuring a standalone bath. Both bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, that make you feel like you are having a cleansing experience in the middle of a jungle.

Downstairs, there is an isolated cinema room featuring a 70″ HDTV, which makes this the perfect getaway for families. Children can be entertained downstairs while parents can enjoy the serenity of the upstairs section.


The home has everything you need in terms of convenience like Wifi, a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge, a Nespresso coffeemaker, a gas cooker and gas braai, and essentials all the essentials like towels, bedding, detergents and so much more.


The highlight of The Riverhouse is the access to a private beach, which is about a 2-minute walk. The beach is isolated and also has a designated braai area, reiterating the family-friendly aspect of the getaway.

The Riverhouse sleeps four adults and two children. Book your stay at George’s hidden gem, The Riverhouse.



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