Introducing Africa’s first interior design podcast: My Stylish Life (MSL)

Award-winning interior designer and owner of East London-based Styleast, Bridget Meier and friend, former client and media maven, Linda Mzamane have come together to produce Africa’s first-ever interior design podcast.

Mixing one part interior design expertise with one part editorial strategy experience, and a dash of camaraderie and friendship makes the perfect recipe for South Africa’s first interior design podcast, My Stylish Life (MSL).

“Besides beautifying your space, interior design enhances lifestyles”

My Stylish Life aims to demystify interior design and the process of collaborating with an interior designer. The hosts offer workable advice, referrals and information to make your interior design dreams come true. Hosts Linda and Bridget found a gap in the African market in terms of podcasts. While there may be TV shows and trending ‘inspo’ social media posts, they found that people often felt overwhelmed by the well-put-together productions and content. They want to show us that interior design doesn’t always have to have big budgets.

WATCH episode 1 of My Stylish Life:

It was important for them to localize design trends, inform South Africans and Africans of our own design narrative and cater to the everyday person in a relaxed podcast format.

Bridget and Linda share their expert tips, interior design trends and advice combined with the unmistakably South African banter that makes interior design relatable and accessible.

Every episode of MSL also features the #DesignConundrum, where viewers can send in their voice notes of their design challenges for Bridget and Linda to weigh in on. “We wanted to create a space where two-way conversations about interior design can take place, instead of the consumer simply reading blogs, magazines or looking at Pinterest pages to get help,” shared Bridget. 

As a former client of Bridget’s, Linda brings in the perspective of the consumer to help guide the show, “I represent the consumer on the show because I am learning along with viewers, asking the burning questions I know they would have,” she said. “It’s a great show, with lots of laughs along the way,” Linda concluded.

Season 1 of My Stylish Life is available on Spotify with a video version available on YouTube. Follow MSL on Instagram.

For any enquiries contact [email protected].

LISTEN to season 1 of My Stylish Life:


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