Unwind in this colder weather with these hot tea recipes. It just feels fitting to brew yourself a hot tea to warm the inside out. Try these top tea recipe choices.

Ginger tea

With the colder weather getting more intense and flu season at its peak. Beat those intense moments with ginger tea. It can be the standalone star of your hot tea without any teabags. You can take it a step further by adding fresh ginger slices. Ginger tea goes extremely well with honey. Use freshly boiled water from your kettle to get the best flavour of the ginger.

Ginger homemade tea infused with ginger slices and honey

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Turmeric tonic tea

The peppery, earthy root of turmeric is the star of this tea. Goes well with ginger and cinnamon, for that extra healthy hot tea. Turmeric is commonly consumed for its anti-inflammatory properties which are immune boosting and contains vitamins that help your metabolism.

Turmeric tea in the glass with turmeric sticks and powder on the surface.

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Chamomile tea latte

Known for its calming properties. This tea latte is made of chamomile tea and milk that’s warmed up to a nice frothed French press. It is the perfect late-night drink for that calm relaxed sleep you truly need. Chamomile tea also offers a variety of health benefits. These include better sleep, and good digestive health, and may help improve your heart health. Adding it to your list of teas is truly beneficial.

Chamomile tea on white background

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Green tea

Brewed green tea infused with your choice of fruity flavours is always the winning choice. Make this delicious hot tea recipe for the whole family to beat out the cold woes of winter. Slow-cook this tea to get an amazing smell that will engulf your kitchen. Adding cinnamon, ginger, citrus, lime and mint will provide your tea with the components needed to protect your family against cold and flu. So enjoy your tea while getting some antioxidants and maybe even a brain boost.

Glass cup of green tea with fresh tea leaves on wooden table.

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Sage tea

Fresh sage is an aromatic herb perfect for making flavourful caffeine-free tea. Sage tea may even settle upset stomachs and soothe sore throats, pair it with honey to calm coughs. Easy to make with just warm water, sage, lemon juice and honey.

Herbal sage tea with lemon on wooden

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Even if you are not a big tea fan, cosy up with these tea recipes will have you feeling super rejuvenated and ready to take on the winter blues.


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